Bankruptcy Annulment Hearing Representation

Do I have to attend the bankruptcy annulment hearing?

You do not personally have to be present at Court for the bankruptcy annulment hearing., however it is recommended that you do go and/or seek legal representation (a barrister or solicitor).

How do I get a bankruptcy cancelled / annulled?

The Insolvency Act 1986 states that the Court can order the annulment of a bankruptcy if it is demonstrated that:

  1. there are grounds which existed when the bankruptcy order was made that the bankruptcy order should not have been made; or
  2. the bankruptcy debts and expenses have been paid in full or secured to the satisfaction of the court (for example by solicitor’s undertaking); or
  3. an undischarged bankrupt has made an Individual Voluntary Arrangement with the creditor or creditors in satisfaction of the bankruptcy debt.

However, it must be noted that case law demonstrates that the Court’s power to annul a bankruptcy order under section 282 is entirely discretionary and just because one of the grounds above exists, does not mean that the Court will automatically cancel a bankruptcy (see Gill v Quinn [2004] EWHC 883 (Ch)).

Why should you instruct a solicitor to represent you at the bankruptcy annulment hearing?

In our experience, it may be tempting for a debtor to want to file grounds of opposition and represent themselves at the bankruptcy petition in order to save costs. It is understandable why there is a temptation to want to save costs given that a bankruptcy petition was raised precisely (in most cases) the debtor does not have excess sums to spend. However, there is a significant risk of failure if you do not seek legal representation which will have potentially serious consequences for you in the future.

The rules surrounding bankruptcy are technical and it is unlikely that a someone not versed in personal insolvency laws will achieve a successful outcome. Bankruptcy particularly and insolvency in general is a niche practice area – indeed many solicitors in general practice will rarely have experience in this discipline.

Moreover, if you are unsuccessful and declared bankrupt (along with the consequence of your bank account being frozen and your assets held by a trustee for the benefit of your creditors), the costs of then seek an annulment / cancellation of the bankruptcy order are likely to be far more expensive than setting aside a statutory demand or defending a bankruptcy petition.

Do not underestimate the severe consequences that bankruptcy entails. It is likely that seeking the advice of a specialist bankruptcy lawyers will be of far more benefit to you than ignoring impending proceedings or seeking to conduct the litigation yourself as a layman.

How we can help you

Our team is made of highly experienced and tough negotiators that will fight to get the best results for our clients. We have years of experience of negotiating with creditors and debtors alike from large multi-million pound cases to smaller matters with equally large consequences for the person involved.

We represent you at Bankruptcy Annulment Hearings

Although we are based in the legal heart of London, operating as the only law firm in the historic Middle Temple Chambers, we provide comprehensive nationwide coverage to represent you at any bankruptcy hearing. Our team of solicitors and barristers will prepare grounds of opposition and a witness statement for you.

We will represent you at the bankruptcy petition hearing and will provide our own barristers or external local counsel to any hearing across the country.

Not based in London? We provide nationwide representation

That does not matter, we will represent you no matter where you are based in England or Wales.

If you contact us through our contact form, by email or by phone, one of our bankruptcy team members will contact you by phone to discuss your matter and assess whether we can help you.

If we can, we will arrange a conference with a senior member of our bankruptcy team. This meeting will take place either in person or using our telephone conference facilities or via Skype if you prefer. Therefore, no matter where you are based in England or Wales we can represent you.

Instruct Specialist Bankruptcy Annulment Solicitors

We are a specialist City of London law firm made up of Solicitors & Barristers operating from the only law firm based in the Middle Temple Inns of Courtadjacent to the Royal Courts of Justice. Generally many solicitors are unfamiliar with the Insolvency Rules and the minutiae of the bankruptcy process, we are experts in dealing with matters surrounding individual insolvency.  Our team have unparalleled experience at cancelling bankruptcy orders, liaising with the Official Receiver, providing a solicitor’s undertaking, representing you at any bankruptcy hearing at the Bankruptcy Court, at the Royal Courts of Justice (Rolls Building), or the relevant High Court District Registry or County Court with jurisdiction under the Insolvency Rules.

Our expert Bankruptcy Solicitors & Barristers provide professional and specialist legal advice to guide you to the best legal outcome. Our team of London lawyers are based in Middle Temple adjacent to the Royal Courts of Justice. For your case assessment and for more information about our legal services get in touch using our online form, ☎ 02071830529 or email us on .
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