Contents of a Statutory Demand

What is in a statutory demand?

A statutory demand must contain:

  1. Heading;
  2. Debtor & creditor details;
  3. Debt amount;
  4. Grounds why the debtor has no reasonable prospect of paying;
  5. Statement that bankruptcy proceedings may commence;
  6. Date by which the debtor must comply with the demand; and
  7. Other statements outlined in Rule 10.1 Insolvency Rules 2016.

A creditor’s guide to drafting a statutory demand

The format of a statutory demand must follow the guidelines set out in the Insolvency Rules 2006, but it is not a court document.  Although the demand is dated at the time of issue, it does not expire.  The time limits to deal with a demand only apply from the date of service.

Pursuant to Rule 10.1 Insolvency Rules 2016, the contents of a statutory demand are as follows:

  • the heading either “Statutory demand under section 268(1) (debt payable immediately) of the Insolvency Act 1986” or “Statutory demand under section 268(2) (debt not immediately payable)”;
  • identification details for the debtor;
  • the name and address of the creditor;
  • a statement of the amount of the debt, and the consideration for it (or, if there is no consideration, the way in which it arises);
  • if the demand is made under section 268(1) and founded on a judgment or order of a court, the date of the judgment or order and the court in which it was obtained;
  • if the demand is made under section 268(2), a statement of the grounds on which it is alleged that the debtor appears to have no reasonable prospect of paying the debt;
  • if the creditor is entitled to the debt by way of assignment, details of the original creditor and any intermediary assignees;
  • a statement that if the debtor does not comply with the demand bankruptcy proceedings may be commenced;
  • the date by which the debtor must comply with the demand, if bankruptcy proceedings are to be avoided;
  • a statement of the methods of compliance which are open to the debtor;
  • a statement that the debtor has the right to apply to the court to have the demand set aside;
  • a statement that rule 10.4(4) of the Insolvency (England and Wales) Rules 2016 states to which court such an application must be made; and name the court or hearing centre of the County Court to which, according to the present information, the debtor must make the application (i.e. the High Court, the County Court at Central London or a named hearing centre of the County Court as the case may be);
  • a statement that any application to set aside the demand must be made within 18 days of service on the debtor; and
  • a statement that if the debtor does not apply to set aside the demand within 18 days or otherwise deal with this demand within 21 days after its service the debtor could be made bankrupt and the debtor’s property and goods taken away.

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