Types of bankruptcy offences and consequences

What are bankruptcy offences?

Bankruptcy offences are criminal offences. There are many different kinds of bankruptcy offences and you can be punished with a fine or be sent to prison for up to seven years for committing an offence.

What are the examples of bankruptcy offences?

Examples of bankruptcy offences include:

  • being dishonest or failing to disclose relevant information about your finances or property at any point throughout your bankruptcy;
  • hiding any property worth £500 or more which should be handed over to the Official Receiver or trustee;
  • getting credit of £500 or more without telling the lender about your bankruptcy;
  • carrying on business under a different name from the one under which you were declared bankrupt;
  • becoming a company director or holding certain positions without the court’s permission; and
  • breaking any other restrictions that are placed on you during the bankruptcy period.

Consequences of committing a bankruptcy offence

Committal of an offence and consequences of the same will depend on where you are in the bankruptcy process. The more serious the offence, the more severe the punishment will be.

In addition you can have a bankruptcy restrictions order made against you, which will extend the period for which you have to follow restrictions for anything up to 15 years.

If you have or think you have committed a bankruptcy offence you should get legal advice as soon as possible.

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